Social Media – Top to Bottom

Social media is vital to the sustainable business – not just the marketing department. We teach our attendees to promote social media into every aspect of the business. For years we have been advocates of empowering businesses and brands of all sizes to leverage the power of social to support every function of business. From social selling, to brand promotion, fundraising, PR, customer service and even leadership from the C-Suite; social media can be extremely effective – when the organization is informed and confident in their role and contribution.

Social Media Strategy

An investment in social media must be strategically executed if it is to yield results. We emphasize focus, structure and planning to maximize the impact of resources and return on investment made in social media – after all, time is money!

Social Media Optimization

Social media is only as effective as the person(s) managing it. Help attendees understand the vital relationship between social media and other owned assets, how to optimize profiles for maximum visibility, maximize content and timing of updates and integrate other often overlooked low-cost/high impact activities for optimum reach and effectiveness.